Milk Tea Lamp Chandelier

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Exceptional Contemporary Design


Fulfilling the main thesis of the project- to address the global problem of PET plastic bottles waste through the local work of traditional textile crafts- PET Lamp presents a new collection, Using the structural properties of the polyester fiber acoustic panel, the fiber created by the plastic allows the development of models that suggest volume and lightness at the same time, leading to the creation of a lamp with an elegant presence which is also easily adaptable to any environment. Each PET Lamp is one of a kind. The shades are created by mold from discarded plastic bottles that are cut into polyester fiber. The chandelier pictured is a sample of the PET Lamp chandelier. The lamps have a diameter of 250 to 370 mm. 



Designer  — Nicolas Tso

Maker — Suzhou Kingkus 

Design Period From 2019

Country of Manufacture — China

Attribution Marks — Imprinted by maker or N/M
Style Contemporary  — Mold-Crafted, Rustic

Detailed Condition New — This is a new (unused) item of contemporary design.

The vendor has confirmed this piece is in working order.

Additional Information

Color —  9mm Kuspanel color

Height Design —  CAD

Diameter Design —  CAD

Weight Range Standard — Between 1kg 

Shipping & Delivery

Dealer  — Shanghai Kingkus

Shipping Method —  Sea or air

Ships from Shanghai port.China

Size:65.5X28X30 cm

CAD drawings