Kusinsert 12mm/24mm desk divider screen
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Our PET Screen Panel offers privacy and quiet in an open officeenvironment. Designed for use in the face-to-face position on Series Screen,the innovative technology dampens sound and expands personal space.



Installs in the face-to-face position on Series Double Desks

Included Series Face-to-Face Clips simply install between desktops

Features a pinnable surface for family photos, inspiration, and to-do’s

The material and faceted surface offer sound-dampening qualities

Mix panels of varying lengths on the desk run to create customized space division

Only compatible with Series Desks

Designed by Kingkus or Collaborators



Ours thickness is 24mm. 12mm+12mm together.and weight is 4800gsm. Density is 200kg/m3.


PET Screen (1).jpgPET Screen (4).jpg          PET Screen (2).jpg