U Techceiling Acoustic system V Keel

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U Techceiling Acoustic system V Keel 

U Techceiling Acoustic system V Keel helping you design visually stunning, acoustically-controlled spaces for creative, productive living, working and play. With ceiling-hung 3D acoustic panel, you can transmit your design values while helping room occupants communicate freely and creatively. The diamond facets deflect sound waves while the Kingkus acoustic panel surface absorbs sound, reducing echo and controlling noise.

Define your space and control acoustics at any scale with gridded layout configurations and the highly performative acoustic characteristics of kuspanels. We offer these elements in a range of preconfigured modules that ship flat-packed, and are all available in a wide variety of colors and finishes, including wood-grain print textures.


While all Kingkus Acoustic Panel products offer varying degrees of sound absorption, not all have been tested for NRC using the SGS standard test method for sound absorption.

Techceiling  is an innovative product that turns every ceiling into a visual and acoustic playground. The polyester fiber panels are available in more than 35 kinds of fiber colors which can be easily clipped into the carriers,at varying centres. This makes it possible to perfectly adapt the visual and functional properties of the ceiling to meet the needs of the Architect,Interior Designer or end user.     


Kingkus Techceiling conforms to all the required building certifications and the European Indoor Environmental Standard (EN717-1:2004). This makes the Techceiling ceiling system particularly suited to offices and other functional properties, schools and buildings used for healthcare services.

Techceiling Datas

• Ceiling system with 9mm/12mm panels

• Excellent acoustic properties

• Visually integrates the ceiling into the interior design

• 100% recyclable, sustainable material

• Patented product

• More than 55 kinds of color

• Both for wall and ceiling

• Cost effective

• Easy to maintain: dirt and dust resistant

• Certified:

- BS 476 Part 7.1997+Amd.No.C1.2014 Fire tests from Kingkus

- BS EN 717-1  E0 test report from Kingkus

- MSDS - Kingkus KusPanel Material Safety Data Sheet

- ASTM E84-16  class A and B

- Fire classification EN 13501-1 class B, s1, d0

U Techceiling 

• Size:3000mm long

• Density:1900gsm or 2300gsm

• The side:40*55mm

• Thickness:9mm/12mm

• The space of the clearance can be filled with 12mm/9mm kuspanel or polyester fiber 

Techceiling Colors

• All 9mm kuspanel colors.more than 55 kinds of colors


Ease of installation

The techceiling acoustic panel system’s polyester fiber panels are light and clip easily to the carriers. We can manufacture panels of any desired dimensions between 1 metre and 6 metres. If required, the panels can be trimmed with a sharp knife during installation.