Mass Loaded Vinyl
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Mass Loaded Vinyl is used to reduce airborne sound transmission through walls, floors and ceilings. They are typically comprised of a limp-mass material sound barrier made of high-temperature fused vinyl and no lead fillers.  With a typical weight of 1667kg/m3, these barriers are as heavy as Stone, but only 3mm or 2mm thick. This improves the sound transmission loss (STC) of a construction assembly without losing valuable space. It may be used in new and retrofit soundproofing construction. The standard offering is a non-reinforced barrier for use in typical construction. Other configurations include lag and wrap materials for pipes and ducting, a transparent version to allow line of site or light, a surface mount option and a reinforced version that may be suspended. These materials are often combined with other materials in soundproofing applications to help provide a complete sound blocking solution.Such as Kingkus polyester fiber acoustic panel or Wooden board

Product Name KingKus Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier
Thickness 2mm or 3mm
Size 1000mm*5000mm*3mm or 1000*10000*2mm
Color Black vinyl with Silver backer
Type Reinforced
Weight 5kg/sqm for 3mm and 3.5kg/m2 for 2mm
Tensile Strength 400 p.s.i. request
Tear Strength 12.9 kg/cm (72 lb/in)
Ultimate Elongation 40% (min.)
Temperature Range /-40 deg. F to 180 deg. F
Flammability B Grade

Installation and  Transportation

KingKus Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier is a very tough task that is made very easy with Mass Loaded Vinyl. MLV is the perfect material for use as a sound barrier on walls and ceilings. Mass loaded vinyl is a thin but super dense rubberlike material. It is flexible and heavy which makes it work great for all soudproofing applications. It is non toxic and is the best alternative to Lead materials for soundproofing.

MLV adds great STC values to any wall or ceiling by adding heavy mass.  It is great for blocking frequencies from 4000 hz all the way down to 125 hz. Please note that because MLV is so heavy shipping gets pretty expensive. For larger quantities, please use 20GP or 40HQ container   (Package size: 26kg,1050*190*190mm cartons size for 3mm,2mm is 35kg,1050*190*190mm).102*18*18cm 25kg,3mm MLV , 1000*5000*3mm MLV,48 Rolls One Panel,


KingKus Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier are suitable for reverberation which has effectively in convention centers/exhibition halls, sporting venues, cinemas, schools, churches and recording studios.