Oblique Line 3D cube panel
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3D Oblique Line Cube Acoustic Panels are pre-finished acoustic wall tile designed to create a contemporary interior and open the realms of design flexibility in any interior environment. It is a lightweight semi-ridged the product that will create a contemporary and decorative interior whilst helping to reduce reverberation sound and assist in controlling back ground noise.


Material 100% polyester fibre without chemical binders or retardants.
General use Interior decoration, Sound-absorbing
Features Light weight, Easy installation, Non- toxic, non -allergenic and non-irritant, Tightness and dimensional stability
NRC 0.85
Size 500*500*60mm
Weight 0.7kg

1. Pasting directly with spray, hot melt adhesive, glass glue, etc( according to different wall surface)

2. Use dedicated clips

Application Meeting hall, theater, music hall, gym, manufacturing shop, office, pub, hotel, Library, reading room ,classroom, kindergarten, piano room etc.

Kingkus 3D acoustic panel CAD models.jpg


Optional colors:

Color swathes.png