3D Twigs Polyester Panel

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3D Twigs Polyester fiber acoustic panel 

Twigs is a sound absorber with a simple graphic design. The pattern formed by combining several modules can be varied in a virtually infinite number of ways. Sound-absorbing acoustic panels in hot-pressed,100% polyester, form panel in 37 kinds of colours. Twigs is mounted on the wall. You can use different colors, different perspectives, the perfect world mosaic. Natural Beauty, Kingkus creating

Product Type:Twigs 3D Polyester fiber acoustic panel
Material:100% polyester fiber. Containing a minimum of 75% post-consume recycled
Surface Type:Smooth and can be kept for five years
Technics:Does not contain any Red List chemicals
Feature:Safe, non-toxic, non-irritant and non-allergenic
Density:Made by 9mm kuspanel.
Color:37 colors in stock and can be customized
Size:500*500*25mm 0.2kg
Package:One Carton will have 20pcs,Each carton size is 52*52*43cm  and weight is 5KG