Screen Printing polyester Panel KS-4

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Kingkus is an ideal base to print on utilizing the latest in inkjet technology and specialized graphics programs. Ideal for signage and full color images, Kingkus can be used both as

individually printed panels and for multi-panel displays. Specific repeat sizes are not required and

anything can be printed from logos, photographic imagery and graphics. If it can be scanned and

digitized, it can be printed onto Kingkus polyester fiber panel. As it is an inkjet printing process your color choice and number is unlimited. 1200*600mm custom print samples are available at cost. Images should be a minimum of 600 wide at 300DPI. Images smaller than this may print with pixelization or appear blurry.

We are happy to take your images and make them print-ready.

Acoustic Panel Type Painted Polyester fiber Acoustic Panels
General use Used as a decorative sound reducing panel.
NRC 0.4~0.95,SGS Test for polyester fiber acoustic panel
Environmental SGS E0,Does not contain any Red List chemicals *
Color 35 colors polyester fiber
Material 100% recyled polyester fiber
Size 1200*600mm or 600mm*600mm
Thickness 9mm, 12mm
Flame Retardant SGS B1 fire rated for polyester acoustic panel
Weight Range 1650gsm and 2000gsm in stock
Product Keywords decorative office polyester pet fibre acoustic board,decorative office acoustic panel embossed

Kingkus screen printed panels will have an unprinted border approximately 1cm wide to ensure

this border and create a clean edge to join panels. Patterns do not exactly edge match, but repeats

can be found to create seamless patterns. Check the Kingkus panel prints spec sheet for information on

repeats for each pattern.