KCA-01 Carved Polyester Acosutic Panel

Kustriangle 3D Acoustic Ceiling

24mm polyester fiber acoustic panel

Kusrustic PET Acoustic Panel

Edgy 3D

3D ST Line Acoustic Wall Board

Screen Mount U-Clamp

KusCone 3D Panel

50mm Polyester fiber acoustic insulation

U Style grooved acoustic panels U5-5-5


Cube Acoustic Lamp

Kingkus, which began as Kingforest, started construction & real estate business from 1997, it's one of the largest MDF panel plywood and other building and decor materials supplier based in central China.
Kingkus entered the sound-absorbing board industry in 2010, at the same time, we open a sound-absorbing board factory in Jiangsu. After six years development, as one of the leading acoustic panel manufacturers, we create kingacoustic Sound-absorbing board base material supply chain. Kingkus and Kingacoustic products are both functional and decorative in order to enhance our living quality.