Big Kuspot Screen

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Our PET Screen Panel offers privacy and quiet in an open officee Environment. Designed for use in the face-to-face position on Series Screen,the innovative technology dampens sound and expands personal space.

There is a need for a free standing variable acoustic screen that can provide  absorption, diffusion with absorption, separation and bass control. 



Acoustic Screens from Kingkus Acoustic Products are stackable, free standing acoustic screens that can be made from Mold, with rigid 6lb cu/ft fiber core for high NRC.  Units can be stacked flat, or linked to form a group.  They can be single side absorption, or combination absorption/diffusion, they can have a membrane core to increase NRC and Increase the hardness. 



Performance of our Acoustic Screens is similar to the acoustic panel on the wall, depending on thickness and specification. 



Two sided absorptive or diffsorptive performance 

Free standing screen 

Stores flat 

Modular and versatile 

Design element 

Built-in iron panel, which can be used for adsorption or pin insertion for Office reminder



The Acoustic Screen is an acoustical treatment offering pure absorption or a combination of high frequency diffusion and mid frequency absorption (diffsorption) for reflection control with ambiance 

Since the Acoustic Screen is free standing, it can be used in applications that require temporary treatment like trade show exhibit rooms or where wall mounting is not possible 

The Acoustic Screen  stacks almost flat in a minimum of space for economical shipping and storage 

The Acoustic Screen is modular, which allows almost any type of space to be treated by simply placing units next to one another for unlimited versatility and flexibility 

By utilizing a wide range of designer fabrics, the Acoustic Screen offers an aesthetic design element as well as a flexible acoustical element 



The Acoustic Screen simply rolls or stands where required, is lightweight and easy to move. or use Desktop card holder for table



All critical listening rooms, including recording studios, vocal booths, home theatres, trade show exhibit rooms, quality control rooms, CD mastering, film mix and dubbing stages, and music practice rooms

Can also be manufactured as office partitions and desk seperators 


Product details

Standard size: 920*300*14mm and 1180*300*14mm

Weight:1.1kg for 1180mm size and 0.9kg for 920mm size 


Standard color: Kuspanel 9mm colors or felt color