KusWaves PET Acoustic Panel

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KusWaves 3D Polyester fiber acoustic panel 

KusWaves is a sound absorber with a simple graphic design. The pattern formed by combining several modules can be varied in a virtually infinite number of ways. Sound-absorbing acoustic panels in hot-pressed,100% polyester, form panel in 37 kinds of colours. KusWaves is mounted on the wall or the ceiling. You can use different colors, different perspectives, the perfect world mosaic. Natural Wave Beauty, Kingkus creating

Product Type:KusWave 3D Polyester fiber acoustic panel
Material:100% polyester fiber. Containing a minimum of 75% post-consume recycled
Surface Type:Smooth and can be kept for five years
Technics:Does not contain any Red List chemicals
Feature:Safe, non-toxic, non-irritant and non-allergenic
Density:Made by 9mm or 12mm kuspanel.
Color:37 colors in stock and can be customized
Package:1200*600*110mm/130mm have 10pcs one carton